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About the Owner


Thank  you so much for taking the time to stop by my page and explore. My name is Na'eema Nwanjoku and I am the very proud owner of  Crème Cosmetics.

I am a wife, mother and an active duty sailor in the U.S. Navy and directly after those three things, I'm an ENTREPRENEUR.

I needed my first business to be something I cared for. Something I would truly enjoy and be able to "sell" because I loved what I was talking about. The idea of my all nude lip line came from my PASSION for nude colored lips. SERIOUSLY, I LOVE THEM! Just imagine taking concealer and applying it to your lips and then adding a coat of gloss on top..... OMG theres nothing prettier to me than that! I can think back to when I was in 8th grade watching "The Cheetah Girls" and loved the shade Raven-Symone was wearing. Into adulthood I became so obssessed with trying to find her identical lip color to the point where nude lipsticks and glosses became a passioin of mine. Finally, I got tired of searching and decided on an alternative method to get what I wanted. MY OWN!